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Cargo Body Mists World Collection (Set of 4)

Cargo Body Mists World Collection (Set of 4)

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Cargo Cosmetics was created to travel with you where ever you go. Introducing your final touch to the perfect look: limited edition scents inspired by your adventures. The destinations you've been to, and those you've only dreamt of, will now flood your senses and transport you all over the world. 

Italian Bergamot is a Floral Fruity fragrance that will captivate you as it brings you to Southern Italy. 

Australian Wild Flower's Floral Musk scent will take you to Australia's Golden Outback where the world's largest collection of wildflowers bloom each spring. 
Dutch Hyacinth will lead you to southwestern Asia and central Turkey while the Oriental Fruity fragrance floods your senses.
Brazillian Bell Flower's Fruity Citrus notes send you to the warm temperatures of South America in Southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. 

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